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World Champion.

World Championships Skimboarding


World Tour




TOP 10

March 2018

Austin Keen is a World Champion Athlete, innovative content creator and ambassador of action sports and
lifestyle. He is one of the most photographed and shared action sports athletes in social media and on the worldwide web. In 2013, Austin was crowned World Champion of Skimboarding. In 2014 he was recognized in SurferToday as one of the top 20 Most Influential in Wave Sports, along side legends such as Kelly Slater. In 2015, he expanded his professional career into the sport of Wakesurfing. In 2016 AK won the 40th Annual World Championships of Skimboarding and was embraced by the media as the sport’s most recognized athlete. By 2017 His social media following quadrupled in one year and he has cultivated a loyal and engaged audience.


TOP 10


Oct 2017


Most Influential

in Wave Sports



"As a brand ambassador for Clarion’s marine division, Austin is a key contributor in expanding the brand’s

-Allan H. Gharapetian

Vice President Marketing & Product Planning

PW Companies (Cariloha/DelSol)

"Austin is a selfless innovator. He constantly brings creative thinking and fresh new ideas to anything he’s
working on..."

 "...When it comes to sticking to commitments or delivering what he’s promised to deliver, Austin exceeds
all expectations."

-Scott Brady
Director of Marketing

LiquidForce Wake

"...Austin is a true ambassador for our brand and knows
how to work with people. When we put him in front of customers, it pays dividends."

-Aaron Grace
Marketing Director/Team Manager


“Austin is a primary content creator and contributor for the OneWake watersports brand and our network of 54 boat dealerships....

....Our customers are blown away by his approachability, professionalism, and positivity. His efforts have directly contributed to numerous boat sales.”

-Evan Davis

Head of Marketing

OneWater Marine Holdings



WakeForWarriors Foundation

"Austin represented Liquid Force in a way that anyone would be proud of..."

"...Having Austin attend for the 3 day event would have exceeded my expectations, but he put together an awesome video in one day that simply blew me away"

-Dave Deep,

Founder of Wake For Warriors

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